My Writings

Hello, and welcome to “My Writings!” Here, I’ll be posting all of my works that I’ve done. I’m really excited to show you guys what I have!

The Psychology of Superheroes – This was for my Psych101 class, but I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you all. I include the vocabulary words at the end as well, to help you all out. Essay.

The Vengeance – This is the culmination of my Psych101 class, and I’m so proud of it! It tells the story of The Vengeance, a superhero that was kidnapped of his arch-nemesis, Professor Mentality! 1st Person Narrative, Superhero, Science Fiction.

The Indifferent Creator Reflects on His Creation – As a form of catharsis, a creator creates a new world while discussing responsibility. Fiction, Reflection, Short (700 words)

The Night She Fell – A prose-rendition of the Marvel Comics arc “The Night Gwen Stacy Died.” Peter Parker experiences a worse grief than ever before. Fiction, Superhero, Reflection, Grief (2000 words)

Music Stories

I’m So Gifted at Finding What I Don’t Like the Most – Elizabeth and Braedon go on a date together to celebrate their three year anniversary, but Braedon is stuck on things that have happened in the past. Fiction, Romance, Grief, Short (750 words). Based on Runaway by Kanye West