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Hey there, everyone!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, as there’s been things occurring in my life that has had me asking questions like “Why me?” or “What did I do wrong?”

When things like this happen, I usually like to sit down and just write creatively, I get my ideas down on a page and hey, maybe I’ll have something I feel is presentable. This time, I have something I’m proud of, and you can find it in the My Writings section. It’s called “The Indifferent Creator Reflects on His Creation.” The story follows a creator, who creates a world, all the while reflecting on creating. I’m quite happy with it, and it’s a fairly short tale, only about 700 words.

Read it in the link above or click here: The Indifferent Creator Reflects on His Creation.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Review

Image result for the picture of dorian gray Books a million
I Have This Copy from Books a Million

I will get this out of the way: I didn’t originally plan to read this. It’s not for any class, but I had an idea strike me as though a bird had pecked at my window incessantly, an idea based around two figures currently in the public domain, but I had only read through one of these figures, and not with this one.

So, here I am.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, which I’ll be calling from now on Dorian Gray was one of Oscar Wilde’s few novels, and it drew controversy in 1890 due to the controversial nature of the story and the “morals,” or, rather, the lack thereof. The morals seen in this book, however, are still poignant today, and should be at least heard of.


The Monsterverse – A Reflection and Review on the Large Scale Universe

Image result for godzilla roar
Godzilla Roars Towards the Sky

I was three when Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake landed in theaters. About two years later, I somehow became aware of King Kong, and one day I pointed some movie at the consignment shop. Due to my five year old speech, I exclaimed “Look, it’s King Corn!” Nearly fourteen years later, I sat down and, over the course of two days, basically inhaled everything “Monsterverse,” from Godzilla and Kong (who I still sometimes think of as ‘Corn’), to learning the lore and backgrounds seen in the comics. In a sea of failed Cinematic Universes and franchises, the Monsterverse series continues to stomp one large foot in front of the other, with more connectivity than what the DCEU currently has, or what the “Dark Universe” could’ve been.

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW FOR: Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017), King Kong (1933), and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Geirmund’s Saga Review

NOTE: I received this as a free copy via Aconyte Books & Ubisoft for an honest review. This is also a SPOILER FREE review.

I love Assassin’s Creed. The third entry in the series was my first rated M game, Black Flag’s ending always makes me cry, and I’ve logged countless hours on Odyssey while in College, playing off and on in the world of Greece. I read up on the lore, I imagine future games in the series, and sometimes, I imagine stories that I’d love to one day write in the future. But I had never really taken a dive into the literary adaptations of the games’ stories, no matter how bad I’d love to write about an Assassin from any point in history. I think the only time I’ve ever really done that was when I read a chunk of Matthew J. Kirby’s Last Descendants series of YA books, but I only reached a hundred pages into it before I lost it while moving into a new house.


An Ode to Returning to College… And Some Thoughts

It’s a bit wild that I started college in the midst of a pandemic, but then again, I’m sure the nineteen million people also attending university last year didn’t expect it either.

I was told a long while back that College is a big transition point in one’s own life. You’ll meet new people from across the country, you have your own dorm and you’re totally responsible for all that you’d do – whenever I’d watch Toy Story 3 I’d always wonder ‘what’s Andy going to do now?’ at the end of the film. But in reality (the 2020-2021 kind of reality), I’m on campus in a mask as I go to the restroom. I navigate an empty campus due to limited restrictions. Some classes are in person, but at a Liberal Arts education where you’re getting that one-on-one interaction, it’s not fully there here. I have a few online classes and it’s almost hard to pay attention for an hour and fifteen minutes. And every dang time, these glasses fog up.

I’ve been home since November. Day in and day out it’s been a constant wonder of if we’ll be allowed to return, and I look back and I feel as though there was never a transitional period in the first place. If you were to put my life into a Powerpoint, there’d be clear transitions – a fun sound effect or a fizzle – between grade school, middle school, a loss of a parent, high school, but then I get to high school and college and it all just flows into a constant timeline stream. There has been no clear transitional period. I can say I’m a first year in college, or a thirteenth grader, but that doesn’t discount these feelings that I’m not all that.


52 Book Challenge #3: After the Flare by Deji Bryce Olukotun

After the Flare: A Novel (Nigerians in Space): Olukotun, Deji Bryce:  9781944700188: Books
Cover Owned by Deji Bryce Olukotun

After the Flare begins fast. From a shuttle high in the sky, Masha Kornokova looks down on Earth as a massive solar flare cuts out all electricity and communications… Except in areas around the equator. We jump about a year now, and we’re following Kwesi Bracket, an everyman on a mission in Nigeria, when he gets caught up in this rescue task set before him and suddenly he’s wrapped up in a relationship, magic, and shady people. For my third book for the 52 Book Challenge, After the Flare is pure Afrofuturism, but it slogged in areas and should’ve been whittled down a bit with the plot points at hand.


52 Book Challenge #2 – Escapist Dream

(Cover Owned and Created by Louis Bulaong. This is used for Review Purposes)

Escapist Dream is my second book out of the fifty two books I’m reading this year – already, I’m ahead of the curve. Started on December twenty fifth and finishing last night, this 522 page novel tells the story of Charlie and Jim, two loners each suffering their own mental struggles. While Charlie is recovering from the death of his friend, Jim is struggling with his ability as a programmer and the death of his wife and kid. They both come to The Escapist Dream, a Virtual Reality hub for all geekdom. Jim is there to fix bugs and Charlie is trying to escape the drudgery of life in Wyoming, and their paths cross as they become partners in heroics.

I had discovered this book on a late night read through of Ready Player One’s Wikipedia article. On some articles on Wikipedia, there’s a “See Also” section, which can describe, say, what genre this is in, or books similar to it. The three for Ready Player One were: Virtual Reality in Fiction, LitRPG, and Escapist Dream, with a little note at the end of Escapist Dream that read “a similar book that deals with pop cultural references.” Intrigued by this bluntness, I had navigated to the Escapist Dream Wikipedia page, and the plot had captured my interests. It landed into my Amazon Christmas Wishlist, and I unboxed it Christmas Morning.


52 Book Challenge #1 – Ready Player Two

Hello everybody, and welcome to something I’ve wanted to do, but on the cusp of New Years, I figured “What better time to start than the present?”

The Fifty Two Book Challenge is reading a book a week, totaling fifty two books. I have wanted to attempt this, and I thought of doing it with a book I received back in November, Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline.


Is This Thing On?

Tap tap tap tap

Hello? Can you hear me out there?

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog, welcome to all of this. I’m going to just sit down and write whatever comes to mind…

It’s winter break! It has been for over a month, and it’s coming to a close. During this time I’ve been able to work on my project, Fleischerville. I don’t have an exact title yet, but this story is something I’ve been excited to do for a while. Here’s the general pitch! It’s basically Blade Runner meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and I’m so excited to show more of it. Later on I’ll be posting some of my other writings, like some stuff I did for my College Psych class. I’ll talk at y’all soon!