An Ode to Chuys -The Tex-Mex Restaurant that has my heart

Some good old Chuy’s Queso

Don’t debate me. I’ll stand by this statement until I go down six feet under: Chuy’s is the best Tex-Mex franchise in the country. I don’t care about some local place in the middle of Lincoln, Nebraska. Chuy‘s has nothing but the best. I’ve had debates over this one topic, but I stand by my belief every day, and I will for the rest of my life. No, sadly, I am not sponsored by Chuy’s (But I sure wish I was…), but I won’t lie; being back on a campus with the nearest Chuy’s being fifty miles away, it tears up my heart that this distance between me and my favorite restaurant is so far.

It’s a lot more than the Queso, the burritos “as big as your face,” or the fun environment that Chuy’s has, where every restaurant’s interior is unique in some way: Chuy’s acts as a stimulus for my nostalgia.

With each fresh chip I dip into the golden sauce that is their mildly-spicy cheese dip, I am reminded of trips with my mother to the restaurant. I remember times when my family members from down south came up to visit. Chuy’s ignites a certain crack across my face that comes from more than just the flavor.

It was my go-to date spot, not just because it’s my favorite restaurant, but the fun environment and wonderful food is the perfect place for a date. Even having their Queso in the park with your partner is fun.

Before Mom passed, we went to Chuy’s all the time ever since it was opened. Quickly, it became my favorite place to go. I think the whole environment, and the fact the one that I go to hasn’t changed all that much, reminds me of the time I would go with my mom. It makes me happy, and I think that leads to my next point:

It’s a comfort food. When my family comes and visits me, they make sure to try and get their hands on some Queso. I have used that Queso to make myself Macaroni and Cheese with a kick, or I love to kick back, turn on a show, and just have the best dip that has ever graced this world.

I know; I’m sure this sounds like it’s all in jest, but trust me, being on campus without a car and no one willing to drive me an hour away for a restaurant meal has me so nostalgic for something that I can’t simply get to. They’re so yummy.

My typical order is a fajita burrito with a side of fries rather than rice, along with beans on the inside, and Queso on top.

Pin on Chuys
This is probably the best photo I could find that replicates my order. Credit to “Sabonaye Puente” on Pintrest

I wish I wasn’t so hungry for things I can’t get. But I know that Chuy’s also acts as a reward for me. It’s a motivator to know that when I come home by the end of the year, I’ll be getting my hands on Chuy’s. And boy… I have a lot of motivators to get good grades, but Chuy’s is up there.

I anticipate the return to my favorite restaurant, and I hope this lighthearted post of longing brings some joy to you.

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