An Ode to Returning to College… And Some Thoughts

It’s a bit wild that I started college in the midst of a pandemic, but then again, I’m sure the nineteen million people also attending university last year didn’t expect it either.

I was told a long while back that College is a big transition point in one’s own life. You’ll meet new people from across the country, you have your own dorm and you’re totally responsible for all that you’d do – whenever I’d watch Toy Story 3 I’d always wonder ‘what’s Andy going to do now?’ at the end of the film. But in reality (the 2020-2021 kind of reality), I’m on campus in a mask as I go to the restroom. I navigate an empty campus due to limited restrictions. Some classes are in person, but at a Liberal Arts education where you’re getting that one-on-one interaction, it’s not fully there here. I have a few online classes and it’s almost hard to pay attention for an hour and fifteen minutes. And every dang time, these glasses fog up.

I’ve been home since November. Day in and day out it’s been a constant wonder of if we’ll be allowed to return, and I look back and I feel as though there was never a transitional period in the first place. If you were to put my life into a Powerpoint, there’d be clear transitions – a fun sound effect or a fizzle – between grade school, middle school, a loss of a parent, high school, but then I get to high school and college and it all just flows into a constant timeline stream. There has been no clear transitional period. I can say I’m a first year in college, or a thirteenth grader, but that doesn’t discount these feelings that I’m not all that.

My school has a policy, every two weeks you’re tested. A COVID test reminds me so much of a strep throat test, and it’s funny because now I’m used to both due to the frequent times I’ve done them. I’ve had a lot of strep tests in my life, and I’m sure that by the end of this year I’ll have more COVID-19 tests than that. I wonder if things clear up before I graduate if I’ll truly feel a “transitional” period, haha.

As you all know, I’ve been reading fifty two books this year, and I’m rounding the tail end of the fourth and last of this month. I think that this has been helping me navigate through this feeling, and I’m excited to move back and read even more, I’m just a bit worried about my writing. I’ve been writing a lot more as of late – most are outlines of stuff, but I’ve been working on my novel and something else, a piece for an anthology series that’ll be published later this year. These books have had me thinking so much on what I’d want to do, and I’m finally starting to envision the piece that I’m writing with excitement. College has helped me with writing so much – creating pieces of symbolism, describing ideas in detail; psychology helped me understand how to make more complex characters, and so all-in-all I’m excited. I have a lot of questions about the publishing sphere though, but I’m sure they’ll all be figured out the closer I get there.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me, as you’ve seen I’ve bought a domain, and I really appreciate the support. Be sure to share with your friends and follow!

Talk with you guys later!

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